Android TV set-top box

Android TV set-top box

Good afternoon!
I promised for a long time and finally I was going to share information about the growing android tv set-top boxes. Why and with what they are eaten under the cut.

We all used to play, some in WoW, some in the lineup, but these carefree years have passed and life priorities have changed. Therefore, to replace a gaming, noisy, electricity-consuming computer, a computer based on the intel atom was bought, it ate its modest 40-50 watts maximum. It is clear that you can’t play cool toys on such a computer, and you won’t watch full HD video (but there are already those on which you can), although my monitor is not the smallest, as much as 24 inches. The computer is in the hall, and I want to watch the movie with my wife in the bedroom on the TV, although it was old and only 21 inches. To watch a movie, you first had to download it to your computer, put it on a USB flash drive, then connect a DVD player, and only then turn on the movie in the hope that it would open. For 2 whole years I tortured myself so much. So far…
On, several android tv boxes have appeared in the sale section. Then the thought came to me, but how good it would be to watch the video without getting out of bed, and even online, but you can also look at the mail and surf the Internet without including your home netbook and computer.
And what else can be done with this console, because on board the processor is 1.2GHz and 512MB of RAM. I didn’t particularly encounter android, as I was and remain a fan of Nokia. The great and mighty forum gave almost all the answers to my questions.
I looked at the declared characteristics of this device and I thought, what if I could make a game console out of this TV set-top box. Not playstation, and not x-box of course, but the most common sega or dandy. How I wanted to play mario, mortal kombat, chip and dale, tanks, etc. It turns out that there are emulators of these consoles for android and there is a program for connecting a joystick from PS3 to android via bluetooth.
Playing the favorite games of my youth on a wireless joystick was a nice addition to the declared functions. Decided! I order a bluetooth joystick from PS3, a bluetooth module for a computer (just in case) and of course android TV.

It was possible to pay only on December 31, as there were problems with paypal due to the limit on the amount, while I figured out with Sberbank and explained what I needed from them. But this is a different story.
The parcel was sent by the Chinese on January 2, 2012, in Moscow it was already 16, and I received it only on January 29, 2012.
The parcel came in a standard package. The set-top box included: a control panel, a miracle Chinese cable with tulips, a power supply, a disk (it had a pdf instruction) and even a 1.8 meter HDMI cable, which was a pleasant surprise.

I connected the device to the monitor via HDMI, everything started up and worked, there was no limit to joy. I set up Wi-Fi, the Internet started working and I started my first acquaintance with the android market.

The whole next day was devoted to the study of this miracle console.
Firstly, for setup, a wired USB mouse and a USB keyboard were connected to the USB connectors of the device (if connected to DEVICE, nothing will work), which is much easier to control the remote control. After the examination, it was found that there is no declared built-in bluetooth. Attempts were made to insert the bluetooth module into the console, but alas, ah. My dream to play my favorite games on the console was not destined to come true 🙁 But to be honest, I was mentally prepared for such a turn of events, that’s why I actually ordered the bluetooth module for the computer. After much torment, I still managed to connect the PS3 joystick via bluetooth
On the set-top box were installed: antivirus, bird games and pirates of the Caribbean, online cinemas and applications for social networks.For a long time it was not possible to solve the issue with the set of the Russian language, but I installed the necessary application and everything worked.I connected a portable hard drive 500 GB with MKV movies, everything went smoothly in full HD.
Exactly a day I enjoyed not slowing down games, fast moving of the slider when watching MKV movies and online content. Here it is worth noting that the set-top box is turned off from the remote control or from the Power button on the case, and turns on only from the Power button, although if you connect a mouse and do not work for 5 minutes, set-top box, then it goes into sleep mode and wakes up when you move
mouse or remote commands. So, at the next boot, a message appeared that some application could not start, now not a single previously installed application was launched.
The prefix itself returned to the factory settings. I deleted all previously installed applications in the hope that I could install them again, but that was not the case. For example, ivi cinema was installed without problems, but neither toys nor antivirus were downloaded from the market, but during installation the device was overloaded. The most annoying thing was that I could not launch the browser, because. the installation of the flash player was automatically launched and this caused a reboot. Here is a video of how it all happened

The video from the hard drive still played without problems, the Internet also worked (only it was of no use, because no application could be installed).
I conducted all these experiments with a connected monitor via HDMI, video and sound were normal. Then I decided to watch a movie and connected the device to the TV via analog wires, first connected it to the miracle of the Chinese output Y / Pb / Pr, the image is there, but the sound is terribly phony. Connected to the AV connector, video and sound appeared. The video then appeared at boot, and when the desktops were loaded, everything began to ripple, the prefix gave either the wrong resolution or a very high frequency. On the TV, this cannot be fixed in any way, because. you can’t see what you’re doing. I brought the monitor into the room, connected it and the TV at the same time, turned on the set-top box. The image appeared on a monitor with a resolution of 720 by 420 (I could be slightly wrong) at 60 Hz. By the way, the set of resolutions depends on which monitor and TV we connect the HDMI cable to. Next, go to the settings and select the image output not HDMI, but AV output. The most interesting thing is that in the AV output settings the PAL or NTSC output system is indicated, but the value of the HDMI settings is actually taken. We press the OK button and lo and behold, the TV began to show, and the monitor went out. Took the monitor, watched a movie, turned off the console.
The next day I turn on the set-top box and again on the TV this ripple, the settings are preserved (resolution and frequency), but somehow strange. Brought the monitor back
Plugged it in and set it up again. The settings are not saved and watching on TV is not my fate. But we are not used to giving up. Well, I really want to watch a normal movie in the bedroom. If the set-top box can not show on this TV, then you need to buy another set-top box, you thought. Decided! Let’s go and buy a new 47-inch LED TV! You don’t think I’m not crazy, before making decisions, I always weigh everything. It’s just that I’ve had a satellite receiver with NTV for a long time, all packages (including HD channels), but I still didn’t dare to buy a normal TV, I don’t seem to need it, we don’t seem to watch it, but the problem with the set-top box was the last straw for me to go and buy a new one big TV.
About the fact that I just went nuts when I hung the TV on the wall and turned on the receiver on the HD Life channel, I will not say anything, because the story is about the android set-top box.

For a couple of days I trudged from the TV, it played MKV, it could adjust the brightness itself and the room in the evening was not as bright as expected. At one fine moment, I wanted to review AVATAR on a large TV in HD quality. I downloaded it, threw it on my hard drive, connected it to the TV set and launched it. The quality of the picture is super, just lay down on the bed to enjoy watching this masterpiece, as a dubbed Ukrainian speech was heard from the speakers. Of course, I understand the Ukrainian language, since every year I go to relatives in Ukraine, but somehow Russian is more understandable and dearer. Poking the buttons on the TV remote, it turned out that he could not read the dubbed Russian track. That’s all I’m talking about, oh yes, I remembered here about my prefix. Although she is half broken, she knows how to play movies. I connected android tv via HDMI, the black stripes on all edges of the screen are not very striking on the monitor, but you can see it on the TV set. We go to the image settings item and adjust it. I must say that after turning off the set-top box, these settings disappear :(. The set-top box perfectly saw the Russian path and I watched this wonderful film.
A couple more days passed and I again remembered about the set-top box, it must be restored somehow. a lot of forums in Russian, and in English, and in French, I managed to communicate with the Chinese, wrote to the manufacturers of these consoles.But so that you, my dear readers, do not go through this thorny path, then

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