Casio EDIFICE EFS-S530L watch…

In addition, it has an integrated battery charge control scale with the letters "L", "M" and "H", respectively, indicating low, medium and full battery power. It looks like they were in the package for a long time before they got to me or in the window. Well, I’ll explain it in vain, of course. Be that as it may, this time my watch set was supplemented by Casio EFS-S530, assembled on the caliber 5587. Different, and sometimes similar to each other. After a while, the arrows came to life, and after lying in bright, but not direct sunlight, the battery reached the “HI” level. That is, they are charged from the light flux. Alas, the calendar reports only the number, modestly silent about the day of the week. The aperture of the calendar is located between the 4H and 5H marks. The clock is supplemented with a calendar. In Galeria they were 199.00 EUR, and on the Internet – 129.66 EUR. To determine the condition of the batteries, you need to press the pusher located at 4H (four hours) for more than two seconds. Yes, and the watch case provides protection against moisture, defined as "100 meters" (10 BAR). Moreover, the price of the watch sank. Yes, the main dial has radial guilloche, while the sub-dials of complications have concentric, annular guilloching. And after a couple of days, a DHL courier knocked on the door and handed me … Yes, I have a weakness – blue dials. If on a bracelet. Here it would be possible to give a table, tell what is meant by this definition, but the fact is that compliance with the tabular data by the manufacturer is guaranteed only for a year, and then a mandatory check and preventive maintenance at the service center. True, somewhat limited. The watch’s full name is Casio EDIFICE EFS-S530L-2AVUEF-EU. The watch is SOLAR POWERED as defined by the Manufacturer. It is made by the sector. Let’s call it "Header View". And for all this, they are too beautiful. On the other hand, this magnificent watch obviously does not suffer from hydrophobia, and even where, but in the rain they feel great and glisten with a non-fogging polished sapphire crystal under droplets rolling down from it.
General view of the watch on the pillow and branded box. The size of the numbers is sufficient for even me to read the readings without glasses, especially in daylight. What a beautiful thing, Gulchitay is resting (smiley!) Moreover, magnificent designers of jewelry watchmaking craftsmanship clearly worked on the case. A bright phosphor, I must say. At 10H (ten o’clock) there is a chronograph dial that displays minutes. That is, it displays the time in 24H format. He can only measure ten minutes of time. My modest abilities as a photographer are clearly not enough to convey this beauty in a photo. At 3H (three o’clock) is the dial of the daily course. It’s time to consider what is where and how they are located. So, before us appears a multi-level volumetric "3D" dial with luminous hour markers and hands coated with a phosphor. The watch case is made of 316L stainless steel.

Casio EDIFICE EFS-S530L watch, caliber 5587. "Sapphire of heavenly purity" (С)

Maybe with age you begin to appreciate every second given to you, and the clock reminds you of the transience of time, strictly waving the index finger of the second hand to you. So those who like to get out of the waves of the sea or the shower, publicly shaking the sparkling drops from their watches, should think, despite the fact that the manufacturer claims that "Ideal for swimming and snorkeling:
the watch is water resistant to 10 bar according to ISO 22810.”
Remember, we once talked about the Raketa-24 watch? This is what it is, just a little smaller. And the most important thing. He is incomplete. Here it is, face. The "3D" hour markers are clearly visible here. Nonetheless. Author’s note: In general, it is very harmonious and … somehow, in a spring way, or something. Multi-level grooves, alternation of satin finish with polishing, different processing angles give the watch case a special charm. This is where I couldn’t resist. This ring has seconds markers. I was lucky. So what are we dealing with here? First of all, it is a chronograph. After all, no matter how many hours you buy, time will neither increase nor decrease. Why do people buy watches? Not just hours, but several hours. The watch has a sapphire (corundum) glass, which is indicated by the inscription on the second dial of the chronograph. The hands of the chronograph and additions are without phosphor, do not glow. The stopwatch hand will move and show the current charge level. And so it does not fall from it anymore, the hours outside the works of the righteous are on the windowsill. I took the last ones, exactly the ones I wanted – with a blue leather Casio branded strap. Of course, I had to look. Opposite the 6H mark (six o’clock) is the chronograph seconds dial. So this time I decided to indulge myself. With the main features of the watch, as it were, they decided. An insert with a bevel of 45 degrees is installed along the perimeter of the glass welt.
The watch was immediately removed from the package and, as requested by the instructions, sent to the windowsill in the rays of daylight, since it arrived with a battery charge "L". It is a pity that neither the camera nor
monitors can’t render Casio’s gorgeous colors. Sit closer, friends! Let’s see what Casio will please us this time.

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