Nokia E3103 TWS Bluetooth V5.1…

– double-tap any earphone – hang up the call;
Most often, even out of the box, the headphones are in the charging case itself, but with covered contacts (to prevent overdischarging the battery), but here we see a slightly non-standard packaging scheme for the internal contents. The closing mechanism is implemented by strong magnets hidden inside the case. – one touch of any earphone – resume/pause music; Involuntary drops during testing (which is about 1 month of active use) were also not observed. – holding any earphone for more than 2 seconds – reject an incoming call. For recharging the case, they put in a black Type-C cable, only 33 cm long. The branded TWS headset E3103 boasts a compact size and ergonomic shape, long battery life (up to 7 hours on a single charge and up to 25 hours when recharging from a case), sweat and splash protection according to the IPX4 standard. Below is an example of how the touch control mechanism works: – long hold of the left earpiece – smooth decrease in sound volume;
The technical features of the model are inside the lid itself.
– double-tap the left earpiece – the previous track;
Headphones, as well as the case itself, are made of white glossy plastic, in the form factor of simple earbuds. In voice control mode: Use as a wireless headset also did not cause complaints. From a single charge they can work autonomously for more than 7 hours. Above the hole is a touch control button, which is not visually marked in any way. I was especially pleased with their small size and light weight, which competitors definitely cannot boast of. Due to the ergonomic shape and super low weight, the headphones sit comfortably in the ears, do not create any discomfort even when worn for a long time.
Management is quite standard and you can get used to it quite easily and quickly.
To unpack the contents, the first step is to get rid of the protective film (it is no longer in the photo). Of course, today it is only a brand and nothing remains of its former greatness and glory. The mention of the brand can be immediately seen on the front side. Conclusion The total weight together with the charging case is 33.2 g.

Nokia E3103 TWS Bluetooth V5.1 – long-lasting wireless headphones in a compact size

– long hold of the right earphone – smooth increase in sound volume; I wonder why a black cable goes to the white headphones, and not a white one. The sound is at the level of competitors, without obvious claims. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Pretty weird place to put them. And the point is not only that the information is given in addition to Chinese languages, but also in English. Closer to the bottom of the leg, there are two silver contacts on the outside of the case. from the external environment, do not provide deep and loud bass. Most often they are hidden so that they do not catch the eye.

As always, my choice fell on the white color – simply because I liked it more than the others.
The paper manual, despite the absence of the Russian language, is quite understandable. But as for me, the comfort of wearing in the ears will give odds to the latter. In the music listening mode: — as well as instructions in several languages. A modern Type-C charging port is installed on the bottom of the case. As mentioned above, the headphones are very light weight – 3.2g one or 6.4g both. From the instructions for the product, it becomes clear that her only duty is to completely reset all current connections (the button must be held for more than 5 seconds).
As you can see, the external dimensions really stand out in a smaller direction. especially in direct comparison with competitors (pictured below is Nokia E3103 vs Haylou MoriPods T33).

The acquaintance should begin with the technical features of the model. The sound itself with a certain margin of volume, clear, with a good light bass. Nearby there is a round button without any hints of its functionality. The question is of course to the manufacturer. The interlocutor hears the voice quite clearly and legibly.
There are Chinese characters on the box, which also indicates that the product belongs to the domestic market. Headphones and a case lie separately, in a special plastic tray. This is primarily due to the fact that the liners do not provide the same sound insulation. In talk mode: Personally, I found the appearance and shape to be very concise and attractive. Production of mobile accessories using the Nokia name is localized in China and produced under license.
A few words about the sound. There are mid and high frequencies, but they are not so distinct. – one touch of any earpiece – answer the call;
The headphone case is made of glossy, in our case, white ABS plastic, with rounded edges. There is no echo effect, there is no voice “from the pipe”.
The reason lies in the duplication of instructions
visual images. – triple tap any earbud – activate the voice assistant. Communication is stable even through one brick wall, at a distance of up to 10 meters. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules You can also note a stable connection without interruptions, convenient touch control. The lid opens with little effort. The headphone stem has a rounded shape and a short length. Of course, the design and construction will not suit everyone, especially those who are accustomed to vacuum plugs. In my memory, this is the first model where a circuit with external placement of contact pads for recharging is used. The novelty comes in branded packaging, designed in the spirit of Nokia products. The bundle, although quite typical, is placed a little non-standardly: On the outside there is a mention of the brand – NOKIA. A little higher is a hole for the indicator light, which is active only in the absence of active pairing. — there is a short charging cable (Type-C); – the headphones themselves are not together with the charging case, but separately; Summarizing all of the above, it can be noted that the headphones are worth their money, have a good appearance, comfortable and ergonomic shape, very compact size and low weight. – double-tap the right earphone – the next track;
At the moment, all the previously announced color schemes are already on sale: black, blue, white and pink. In the same place, a little lower is a hole for the LED – indicator. Today’s review will focus on new wireless headphones released under the Nokia brand. They will definitely not glow in the ears.

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