Socofy SKUB13832 Women’s Oxford Shoes

It looks like this on the leg: The noses have a one-piece leather insert with a bright color. A few more detailed photos:

Side view. Therefore, today on the review are women’s oxford shoes from some Socofy. The footprints are painted in the color of the insole. The transition to the sole is glued, after a few months of wearing nothing came off.

According to the description, it is cowhide.
The wife wears these shoes together with everyday shoes
jeans. Over time, the paint began to rub off.
The insole is also made of leather. Good day, friends! Since I once did reviews of clothes for my wife, offers periodically arrive to test something new. The shoes themselves are a mixture of vintage style with some Khokhloma. And usually these are all kinds of clothes, but when they offered leather shoes, it would be wrong to refuse. The materials are leather and a rag, but because of the colorful pattern it merges together and it is difficult to distinguish the very rag. The heel counter also has a reinforced insert, but with minor paint defects. Verdict.
But the back rubs, as it is very high. And here is the coloring for a big fan! That’s all for now, thank you all for watching!

Socofy SKUB13832 Women’s Oxford Shoes

The insole has a pattern in the general style. By the way, review after 2 months of operation. The sock is also made of leather, the line is even. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
Sole made of polyurethane with an imitation of some kind of pattern.
The product was provided for writing a review by the store. The rise of the foot is not large, it does not cause discomfort.

Shoes with a lace, the lace is hard. To compensate for this coloring, she uses a similar backpack. There are no questions about lifting, the leg lies comfortably. Shoes are sewn well, do not fall apart over time.
The factory box is not provided, so the shoes come in ordinary cellophane.

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